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The MMRF provides CME-accredited educational programs for healthcare professionals to learn more about multiple myeloma as well as current and emerging treatment options, including clinical trials from key leaders in myeloma. Access up-to-date information.

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Friday, December 6, 2019, Satellite Symposium preceding the 61st American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting & Exposition
Current Obstacles in Myeloma Management: Debating the Evidence
Co-Chairs: Paul Richardson, MD, and A. Keith Stewart, MBChB
Faculty: Faith E. Davies, MBBCh, MD; Rafael Fonseca, MD; Amrita Y. Krishnan, MD; Saad Z. Usmani, MD
Featuring an expert faculty and a lively debate format that includes panel discussions and audience polling, this symposium looks at the best strategies for incorporating new and emerging myeloma drugs and combinations into practice, with a focus on personalizing treatment and developing plans to prepare for relapse.
This educational event will be available both as a live symposium taking place in Orlando, Florida and as a live webinar.
The Evolution of Multiple Myeloma Patient Management: Managing Today, Preparing for Tomorrow
Utilizing evidence-based presentations and patient cases, our renowned myeloma experts tackle many of the fast-evolving areas of myeloma patient care: strategies for assessing patient prognosis and determining risk; selecting treatment combinations based on risk and patient-specific characteristics; the value of minimal residual disease in patient care; the role of novel agent/monoclonal antibody–based regimens for relapsed/refractory patients; and the latest trial data on oral small-molecule inhibitors and immune-oncology–based treatment regimens. 
Myeloma Masters: The Ultimate Myeloma Patient Care Quiz Show
With the number and nature of multiple myeloma management options continuing to expand, how can myeloma nurses expect to keep pace and provide their patients the best possible care? By playing a round or two of Myeloma Masters: The Ultimate Myeloma Patient Care Quiz Show! This accredited interactive CNE activity—under the guise of a 70s-era TV game show—tests players’ knowledge of current and emerging myeloma patient care best practices while using a range of multimedia hints to present and review critical, evidence-based, clinical content. Players gain points by correctly answering questions—earning praise or ribbing from our smarmy host—as they try to earn the coveted title of Myeloma Master. Play a round today!
Shaping the Future of Myeloma Treatment
Developed to help hematologist-oncologists keep pace with new advancements in multiple myeloma management, this CME-certified video roundtable features a panel of myeloma experts and reviews a number of strategies for individualizing treatment plans based on genomics and risk stratification to achieve durable remission while minimizing toxicity.