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We're here to help. Our Patient Navigation Center can offer support throughout your treatment journey.

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What Is the
Patient Navigation Center?

The Patient Navigation Center is a space for multiple myeloma patients and caregivers to connect with patient navigators for support. Connect via phone, email, or online web form. Whenever you have a question, our patient navigators are here to help.

Ready to talk to a patient navigator?

Get support through every step of your multiple myeloma journey.
Give us a call Monday–Friday, 9 AM–7 PM ET 1-888-841-6673 or

Information & Resources

Patient navigators can pinpoint and share resources, make useful connections and provide up-to-date information. We’ve seen evidence that the more knowledgeable you are about multiple myeloma, the more empowered you are to make the decisions and choices that lead to improved care.

Perspective on Treatments

You can talk to a patient navigator about your diagnosis, discuss options for doctors you could see, talk through testing, find clinical trials, and get a perspective on treatment options. Have questions about MMRF programs? Patient navigators have the answers.


If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, our patient navigators are here to lend an ear, be a grounding presence, and offer emotional support. They can also help you find a community to connect with fellow patients, caregivers, and other experts.

Get on the Right Path for You

There are three critical steps you can take to get on the right path to the best results for you.

Right Team

Access experts and centers that have extensive experience treating multiple myeloma

Right Tests

Get the information, tests, and precise diagnoses to make the right treatment decisions

Right Treatment

Work with your team to decide on the best treatment plan and identify clinical trials that are right for you

Meet Our Patient Navigators

Connect With a Myeloma Mentor

Want to speak to a fellow patient? We have developed an original program that connects patients one-on-one for support and guidance. Our patient mentors are living with multiple myeloma in various stages and classifications, and they have undergone a variety of treatments. Share your experiences and hear other patient perspectives — get connected with a Myeloma Mentor.

MMRF Patient Toolkit
Download a comprehensive myeloma toolkit to guide you in your journey.

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