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The MMRF is the largest nonprofit in the world solely focused on accelerating a cure for each and every multiple myeloma patient.

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We drive the development and delivery of next-generation therapies, leverage data to identify optimal and more personalized treatment approaches, and empower myeloma patients and the broader community with information and resources to extend their lives. Central to our mission is our commitment to advancing health equity so that all myeloma patients can benefit from the scientific and clinical advances we pursue. Since our inception, the MMRF has committed over $600 million for research, opened nearly 100 clinical trials, and helped bring 15+ FDA-approved therapies to market, which have tripled the life expectancy of myeloma patients.


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Our Mission

To accelerate a cure for each and every multiple myeloma patient.

Our Vision

A world free of multiple myeloma.

Our Values

At the MMRF, our core values define both who we are and how we work together with the myeloma community. We believe in building a culture that will help us pursue our highest-level mission, which has not changed since our inception in 1998. Our five core values are expressed below:

Prioritize Patients

Patients are at the center of everything we do. Every decision we make is grounded in the needs and best interests of the patients we serve.

Drive Innovation

We are committed to pursuing big, bold ideas. Taking risks, trying new approaches, and challenging the status quo are necessary to speed new discoveries.

Deliver Solutions

Taking on complicated challenges is what sets us apart. To deliver results, we must be decisive, take action, and act with urgency on behalf of the myeloma community.

Do It Together

We know that together, we are stronger. We work cross-functionally with the entire community to achieve our mission and are invested in the success of others.

Build Trust

We build trust-based relationships. We advocate for each and every myeloma patient by committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion and treating others with respect.

Our Commitment to
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Racial and ethnic biases, social and financial disparities, and lesser access to quality care are all contributing factors to the outcomes facing underserved populations. We believe research opportunities should be more equitable and remove barriers to treatment. Our goals focus on greater inclusivity in research to improve patient health outcomes.

Meet Our Leaders

Executive Leadership Team

Our executive team works tirelessly to drive new innovations forward that will improve the lives of multiple myeloma patients and bring us closer to a cure for every patient.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of industry leaders and investors who are deeply committed to curing cancer.

Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board is a panel of international myeloma experts with broad expertise in oncology, translational research, and drug development.

Our Founders' Story

Our story begins with twin sisters. Kathy Giusti's 1996 diagnosis of multiple myeloma changed her life forever. With her soul mate sister Karen's devoted help, the women's heroic work saved Kathy's life and transformed cancer care for millions.

Accreditations and Financial Reports

Nearly 90% of the MMRF's total budget goes directly to research and related programming, consistently earning us top rankings from the nation’s leading charity evaluators.

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Our Impact

See how our work is accelerating a cure for each and every patient.

News & Publications

The MMRF is continuously updating a wide variety of news and ongoing developments in cancer research, treatment, resources, and support to keep our entire community of patients and caregivers well informed.

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