Healthcare provider with a patient with multiple myeloma.

Navigating Diagnosis
and Treatment

A multiple myeloma diagnosis is a life-changing event. Fortunately, this is a treatable cancer with many effective treatments available, and many more under investigation.

At the MMRF, we recognize the importance of educating patients and their families about multiple myeloma and empowering them to advocate for the care that is most likely to yield the best results and quality of life. The MMRF champions the development of new multiple myeloma therapies, helping to advance promising treatments for this uncommon cancer.

Like most cancers, multiple myeloma is heterogeneous, meaning that the characteristics of each patient’s disease varies, resulting in differences in prognosis and disease course. And each patient has their own unique clinical history. Because of all these variables, the approach to treatment varies from patient to patient: what works best for one patient won’t necessarily work best for another.

It’s important that myeloma patients get on the right path to achieve the best outcome for their disease.

Key Steps to Getting on the Right Track

There are three critical steps for patients as they move through their myeloma journey.

1. Building the
right treatment team

Access experts and centers that have extensive experience treating multiple myeloma.

2. Taking the
right diagnostic tests

Get the information, tests, and precise diagnoses to make the right treatment decisions.

3. Determining the
right treatment plan

Work with your team to decide on the best treatment plan and identify clinical trials that are right for you.

Clinical Studies and
Emerging Therapies

In addition to the many drugs currently approved to treat multiple myeloma, there are numerous clinical studies under way to evaluate the benefits and risks of drugs that are in development. Some people with multiple myeloma may find clinical studies and emerging therapies to be a good—possibly the best—option for treatment.

Nurse showing patients an x-ray.

MMRF Patient Navigation Center

Email or call to discuss your disease with a patient navigator who can offer support, as well as assist with finding resources, including financial resources.

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