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Everyday the MMRF is working relentlessly to make a cure
for multiple myeloma possible for each and every patient.

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We know what it's like to face multiple myeloma, because we've been there ourselves. Our commitment to fostering collaboration around the world brings drugs to market faster, assuring that patients get the care, and cure, they deserve.

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By connecting patients with the right team, institutions, trials and resources they need, we provide support and information right from the start.

Our MMRF Patient Navigator team is here to provide support and information from the first moment of your diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond.

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Outcomes pioneered by the MMRF:

  • 3x

    patient life expectancy

  • First

    to sequence myeloma genome

  • 12

    drugs brought to market

  • 40%

    improvement in 5-year survival

  • Largest

    database of genomic data

  • 75+

    clinical trials launched

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