MMRF Walk/Run Team Captain Toolkit

Walk/Run Team Captain Toolkit

As a Team Captain, we thank you for mobilizing your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and your greater community to accelerate a cure for multiple myeloma by raising critical funds. This resource page is dedicated to assist your outstanding leadership by providing tools for success. We’re here for you every step of the way!

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Getting started as a Team Captain

Set team goals

1. It’s personal

As a Team Captain it’s important you lead by example. Personalize your fundraising page to tell your team and supporters why accelerating a cure for multiple myeloma is important to you, and how they can make a difference through their support.

2. Donate now

Make a self-donation to kick-start your fundraising campaign. Ask friends and family to match your donation or ask supporters to give an amount that has meaning: “Please donate $15 for the over 15 drugs the MMRF has helped to get approved that extend the lives of patients.”

3. Join my team

With an extraordinary 90% of the MMRF’s total budget going directly to research and related programming, and the MMRF consistently earning top rankings from the nation’s leading charity evaluators, you can tell your supporters that they can make an impact on curing cancer today by joining you! Make a goal of asking 5 people a day.

4. Share the news

Tell your community — from friends and family to co-workers and community leaders — why their support can cure cancer. Utilize the MMRF fundraising tools on this page, including social media resources and emails, as well as local media to amplify your message that together we can end multiple myeloma.

Social media resources

Share for support!

Fundraising tools

Start your fundraising efforts off on the right foot.

Email templates

Dear [Insert Name],

Join my team in making a difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families!

On [insert date], I will be participating in the MMRF Walk/Run: [Event Location] to raise awareness and critical funds to cure multiple myeloma as the Team Captain of [insert team name]. The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) is a leader in driving the most innovative research on behalf of the myeloma community, to ultimately lead to a cure. Their work has helped nearly triple patient survival, deliver fifteen FDA-approved treatments in 10 years, and launched nearly 100 clinical trials.

Here is where you can personalize your email. Why are you participating? Explain why this cause is so important to YOU. See below for an example:

As many of you know, my mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 6 years ago. As recently as 10 years ago, the life expectancy of a myeloma patient was only 3 years. Today, that has more than tripled, thanks to the work of the MMRF in funding collaborative research that is extending the lives of patients while they work relentlessly on a cure. An extraordinary 90% of the MMRF total budget goes directly to research and related programming, consistently earning them top rankings from the nation's leading charity evaluators, including 18 years of 4-star ratings on Charity Navigator. Your support truly makes a difference in the lives of multiple myeloma patients, including my mom.

I urge you to join me at the MMRF Walk/Run: [Event Location] as a member of [insert Team Name] or by making a donation on my fundraising page: (Insert Link). Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!

No one fights cancer alone. Together we will reach the ultimate finish line: a cure.

(Insert Your Name)

Dear (Insert Name),

Thank you for your donation to my MMRF Walk/Event: [Event Location] [insert team name] team. Supporters like you allow the MMRF to continue its urgent work to drive innovative research to move us closer to a world without multiple myeloma. Funds raised have helped nearly triple patient survival, deliver over fifteen FDA-approved treatments, and launched nearly 100 clinical trials.

(Convey your pride in getting close to your goal or if you have achieved your goal!)

Thank you so much for your encouragement and your support!  I am looking forward to sharing my event day experience with you!

(Insert Your Name)

Dear (Insert Name),

What an amazing day it was at the MMRF Walk/Run [Event Location] on (Insert Day)!  Our team felt empowered by the crowd, the speakers and the hope formed from the day. We were so inspired meeting other families and hearing about the progress being made by the MMRF and its research and pharmaceutical partners. I am honored to share some of the highlights from the morning with all of you!

(Share the emotion of event day.  Include some photos!  If you ran, share your race time. If you walked, share the experience you had – did you meet others?  Did you learn something you didn’t know?)

As of today, with your help, our team has raised [Insert Fundraising Amount] for the MMRF!  I thank you so much for your donation to this very personal cause of mine.  I am so appreciative of your support.

The MMRF Walk/Run: [Event Location] is now over, but the campaign continues against multiple myeloma until a cure is found.  If you would still like to make a contribution to my efforts and our team [insert team name], tax-deductible donations will be accepted on my page until December 31st. Please consider making a donation to my efforts! Click on the following link to reach my fundraising page:

[Insert link to your page here]

Thank you so much for your support and your kindness!

(Insert Your Name)

Team captain email signatures

Download one of our email signatures and drop into your professional or personal email for extra awareness.

Team Captain email signature
Run email signature
Walk email signature


Walk/Run flyers
Download a printable flyer template and post at a local coffee shop or other community spot where you might recruit team members!
Save the Dates
Download a printable "Save the Date" flyer for any of our upcoming events.
How to reach your fundraising goal
Best practices

1. Personalize your team page on Classy (ex: photos/fundraising goal).

2. Recruit as many people as possible when you share the link to your team page!

3. Help each team member reach their goal by checking in with them regularly.

4. Keep everyone up to date on your team’s progress.

5. Encourage each team member to raise at least $100 to receive their Walk/Run shirt in the mail.

6. Utilize social media to share your story.

7. Ask your team members if their employers would like to donate or sponsor the event, and see if your employer offers matching gifts.

8. Suggest that each team member set a personal goal for fundraising.

9. Build your team by encouraging each team member to get their friends/family to join.

Asking for small donations:
Ask for $25 from each relative
Ask for $10 from each friend, co-worker, or neighbor

Email campaign
Recruit five team members who will commit to sending out 25 emails asking for a donation of $25

Fundraising events
Host a fundraising event with a fee of $5 per person with all of the proceeds going to your team's goal

Facebook post & Facebook fundraising
Post your team page on Facebook asking your Facebook friends for $10 donations

Why support the MMRF?
More info about the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.
Download and distribute these as needed, or pull talking points from them to support your fundraising efforts.
Social posts about the MMRF
Share these on social media to generate awareness for the MMRF and the important work that you are helping to fund.