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Meet Nancy Albanese, MMRF 2023 Walk/Run: Boston Spirit of Hope Honoree

How did you get involved with the MMRF?

Following my diagnosis in 2015, my medical team suggested I research various myeloma groups to learn more about the disease, treatment, and advances in the field of multiple myeloma. My family and I felt a connection with the MMRF and its mission statement as well as its work in advocacy and clinical trials.

Why did you choose to participate in the MMRF Walk/Run?

My family participated in our first walk in April 2016. We were excited to throw our support behind an organization we believed in, but we wanted to experience the walk for ourselves before creating a team. We were so inspired by all the teams, the various participants, the speakers, and the MMRF representatives that we created Team Step 2 Success the following year. We’ve been part of this event ever since.

The Spirit of Hope is given to “individuals/groups who inspire hope and show extraordinary commitment to the MMRF.”  What does being given the award mean to you?

Team Step 2 Success consists of family, friends, and other multiple myeloma patients, all of whom are enthusiastic supporters of the MMRF. We know several multiple myeloma patients, all in various stages of this disease, each experiencing their own symptoms and each undergoing treatment geared to the specifics of their disease. And we know several others who have succumbed to myeloma. Team Step 2 Success is committed to raising funds and awareness to help all inflicted with multiple myeloma. We are honored and humbled to be recognized by the MMRF.

How have you found perseverance in light of obstacles? Please share any stories that have given you strength. 

In times of difficulty, I turn to my husband Steven, my family and friends, my medical team, and my faith. The people in my life give me the support and encouragement I need. My faith provides the peace and solace to confront each obstacle.

Do you have a favorite mantra, quote, lyric that gives you strength?

Let Go, Let God.

Nancy Albanese MMRF Spirit of Hope

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation is delighted to recognize Nancy Albanese as the MMRF Spirit of Hope Honoree at the 2023 MMRF Team for Cures: Boston Walk/Run.

This award is presented at every Walk/Run to a patient, caregiver, or family who inspires hope through their resilience, perseverance, and dedication to the MMRF and its mission. Donate to Nancy Albanese’s “Step 2 Success” 2023 Walk/Run fundraising page to accelerate a cure today!