Derrick B.

Initially Diagnosed:


Current Diagnosis:

In Remission

Treatments Received:

Chemo, 2 autologous stem cell transplants, Revlimid, Velcade, Darzalex

In 2010, Derrick was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, right around his 56th birthday. The disease attacked his right femur. Over the next 16 months, he underwent chemo and 2 stem cell transplants before recovering enough to return to his job as a television reporter. Thanks to great doctors, he continued his demanding career for another ten years before retiring. Derrick was on a drug regimen of Revlimid and Velcade for a decade before suffering a relapse and was then switched to Darzalex which is keeping the disease in check. He credits the pioneering efforts of the MMRF in developing these drugs and many newer treatments for why he’s still around. He wants to share that good news with those newly diagnosed and encourage them to be hopeful and optimistic while guiding them toward the best resources for their care.