Myeloma Mentor Carmen P.

Carmen P.

Initially Diagnosed:


Current Diagnosis:

Relapsed, Refractory

Treatments Received:

Velcade, Revlimid, dexamethasone, tandem autologous stem cell transplant Allogenic stem cell transplant, Clinical Trial, CAR-T

Carmen’s experience leading up to her diagnosis was unique in that she did not present any symptoms and was diagnosed via pre-pregnancy bloodwork. It revealed that she had low platelets and was anemic. At the time, Carmen was diagnosed with smoldering multiple myeloma, as she did not meet the criteria to be diagnosed with active multiple myeloma. Carmen’s multiple myeloma status continued to be smoldering for a total of 8 years until December 2010. Carmen strives to stay positive and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. She has persevered and embraces the changes that her diagnosis has caused in her life.