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Meet Joe McMahon, Founder of First Knight Racing, and myeloma family member.

Joe McMahon, founder of First Knight Racing and host of the Peasantman Steel Distance Triathlon, has dedicated himself to organizing, directing, and participating in races since the age of 20.

With an impressive athletic resume boasting over 500 races, including 38 full distance triathlons (four of them Steel Distances), 75+ marathons, and 17+ half distance triathlons, among others, Joe has earned widespread respect within statewide triathlon clubs and unofficially holds the #2 spot for most full distance triathlons completed in New York State.

Passionate about making a difference, Joe has contributed significantly to charitable causes, raising over $920,000 for various charities, including the MMRF.

Reflecting on his passion for fundraising and its personal significance, Joe shared: “Fundraising for important causes has always been at the forefront of my racing career.  In 2013, I met the inspirational team at MMRF, and was immediately drawn to their mission to further pharmaceutical research and improve patient outcomes. My father, Dr. William McMahon, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, so the cause is near and dear to my heart.”

In early 2024, Joe reconnected with former MMRF Ironman Lake Placid teammate, Salim Martin, who currently serves as the MMRF Endurance Coach.  Their discussions led to a new partnership between First Knight Racing and MMRF for the 2024 Peasantman Steel Distance Triathlon. 

With unwavering commitment to advancing the MMRF’s life-saving mission: to accelerate a cure for each and every patient, Joe stated: “Every penny raised through this partnership will go directly to MMRF.  The First Knight Racing organization couldn’t be prouder to begin raising money to support this critically important cause, and we are eternally grateful to MMRF for their collaboration.”

Secure your spot and make history by joining MMRF Team for Cures at our inaugural participation at the Peasantman Steel Distance Triathlon.