MMRF CureCloud

MMRF CureCloud™ Launches to Advance Precision Medicine

The MMRF CureCloud™ is a centralized data hub that generates, aggregates and visualizes data to accelerate the delivery of precision medicine to multiple myeloma patients. The CureCloud is a critical part of our bold three-year plan, which is to transform patient care through addressing the medical industry’s biggest challenge: data sharing and collection.

The MMRF is working with Broad Genomics, Broad Data Science Platform, COTA, Inc., Tempus, EMSI Health, Prometheus Research, LLC, and PierianDx to address a fundamental, and complex, challenge in healthcare that is often overlooked—the need for shared, comprehensive data to identify targets and inform data-driven treatment decisions for multiple myeloma patients. Given that multiple myeloma is a highly heterogenous disease, substantial amounts of genomic, immune and clinical data needs to be curated and shared across physicians, researchers and patients to drive more effective treatments.

Learn more about the MMRF CureCloud by reading the press release and watching this video from Kathy Giusti, Founder and Chief Mission Officer.