MMRF CureCloud


MMRF CureCloud

Advancing Precision Medicine

The First, Largest, and Most Comprehensive Data Hub—Designed To Speed The Delivery Of Precision-Based Treatment To Every Multiple Myeloma Patient

The MMRF CureCloud® is a bold new initiative which will integrate vast amounts of health data from thousands of multiple myeloma patients and make this data available to:

• Researchers, to help discover new targets for myeloma and form hypotheses for clinical trials
• Patients and their physicians, so that they can make more informed data-driven decisions

A critical component of the CureCloud is a Direct-to-Patient Registry where patients can share their data safely and securely from their own computer or phone.

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Why the CureCloud?

Myeloma is not just a rare disease, but also highly heterogenous. Our landmark MMRF CoMMpass℠ Study, the largest genomic dataset in all of cancer, showed that there are at least eight different subtypes of multiple myeloma.

Now, we are taking the next step to find the right treatment and treatment pathway for each patient. This requires a vast amount of patient data and no single cancer center has enough patients, nor is there is there a centralized place to access the genomic, clinical and immune data needed to bring us closer to cures. That’s why the MMRF is taking on this ambitious challenge and creating the CureCloud.

MMRF Launches Direct-to-Patient Registry

Now open to all patients with
multiple myeloma.

Introducing the CureCloud

Kathy Giusti, Founder and Chief Mission Officer of the MMRF, explains why we are creating CureCloud:

The CureCloud will include data contributed directly by patients to the Direct-to-Patient Registry, the MMRF CoMMpass study, other MMRF legacy assets as well as external data sources.

Given the complexity of this challenge, we are working with Broad Genomics, Broad Data Science Platform, COTA, Inc., Tempus, EMSI Health and Prometheus Research, LLC to make CureCloud a reality.

Sharing Your Data Accelerates a Cure For Every Patient

Thanks to the contributions of patients who participated in the pilot phase of this initiative, the CureCloud patient registry is now open to all patients with multiple myeloma!

Myeloma patients have an important role to play. The data we collect from patients will be used by doctors and patients to help make informed treatment decisions. It will also be utilized by researchers as they work to find a cure. Every patient who joins the CureCloud and shares their data improves the speed at which progress is made, and the efficacy of the treatments available to all patients.

The Direct-to-Patient Registry

Anne Quinn Young, Chief Marketing and Development Officer, introduces the MMRF CureCloud Registry:

*Patients with MGUS and smoldering multiple myeloma are not eligible to participate in the direct-to-patient registry at this time.
At this time, patients living in Alaska or Hawaii will not be able to donate blood or their medical records.