Our Model

What is Precision Medicine?

Precision Medicine helps every patient get the right treatment based on their specific information.

How does it work?

At the MMRF, it starts with you and your data. When patients share their data, they help grow a bank of highly valuable information. The more information we gather, the more answers we can find and the more people we can help.

Your specific information is necessary to match you to the right treatment at the right time. It also helps us better understand the wide breadth of the clinical, immune and genomic drivers of multiple myeloma. Most importantly, it will unlock the answers that patients, caregivers, researchers, and physicians need to make the right decisions when they matter most.

What makes The MMRF Precision Medicine Model different?

It is the only end-to-end solution in cancer research. The MMRF Precision Medicine Model is built on 3 pillars linked in a system that stands alone in the world of cancer research: The Data Bank generates and aggregates vital information about multiple myeloma, patients, and treatments. Using analytics, we’re able to use these data to answer the most critical questions facing patients. This information is distributed freely to researchers and institutions in The Learning Network. These world-leading scientists then use that information to guide their research in The Clinic. Information from The Clinic is fed back to the The Data Bank, improving the precision of treatment with each cycle. The result, accelerated discovery and better, more targeted, treatments for people living with multiple myeloma.

We provide incentives and partnerships to drive analytics alongside our own scientific team at every step in the process.

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The Data Bank

The MMRF Data Bank gathers, generates and interprets data to find the keys to the cure within each patient.

Multiple myeloma is different for each patient and even within each patient. This makes the collection of high-quality data vitally important to the process. Information from individual patients and clinical studies is the fuel for the entire Precision Medicine Model. The more that is understood about the different types and subtypes of multiple myeloma, the more precise the answers become. To date, The MMRF Data Bank has made possible The MMRF CoMMpass Study, the largest and most comprehensive long-term genomic research study ever conducted in myeloma.

Learn more about how to share your data.

The Learning Network

Bringing world-class experts together to speed discovery.

Many research organizations carefully safeguard their data until publication. The MMRF does things differently. We make it a priority to openly and freely share our data, through a global Learning Network. We also provide incentives for academia and industry to share their learnings and contribute to the growing knowledge base. This has allowed brilliant minds from all corners of the scientific community to work toward a cure together.

The Clinic

Delivering new therapies to the people who need them.

The MMRF has built a world-class network of research institutions and cancer centers to evaluate new treatments. This collaborative approach has produced unprecedented results. Since the MMRF was formed in 1998, the life expectancy for people with multiple myeloma has more than tripled. Eleven new treatments for multiple myeloma have received FDA approval. Also, The Clinic helps clinical trials accelerate faster.