MMRF CoMMpass Study

The MMRF CoMMpass Study seeks to connect every person with multiple myeloma to what they need to make the best possible treatment decisions at the best possible time.

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Tracking multiple myeloma every step of the way

Our vision is to track every single patient with multiple myeloma so that their treatment and results can be used to guide decisions for every new diagnosis. Think of it as crowd-sourcing cancer treatment.

We’re not there yet, but CoMMpass is a good start. Find out how you can participate in the research.

CoMMpass studies the widest range of patients. This helps make sure that whoever you are, if you have multiple myeloma, there’s someone in CoMMpass like you.

Mapping treatment changes

Getting so many multiple myeloma patients together is already yielding powerful results. With CoMMpass, we can tell what treatment people took, for how long, and how well it worked.

1st regimen 2nd regimen 3rd regimen

Powering profound discoveries

Based on some early results from CoMMpass, we know that:

Understanding risk

We can tell who’s at higher risk and who isn’t, which can help guide treatment decisions and help us decide what kinds of medications are needed.

We’ve identified 12 different molecular types of multiple myeloma, each with its own level of risk. They include:
PI3K-AKT Others

Talk to your doctor about your myeloma and what treatment(s) might be right for you.

These findings are just the beginning. The next step is to study more patients and identify more types of multiple myeloma, in the hopes of discovering more pathways to a cure.