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Ending Cancer Health Disparities Through Increased Collaboration

Despite tremendous progress against cancer in the past few decades, not all Americans have benefited equally from advances in research and treatment. The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) is passionately committed to eliminating cancer health disparities, and has numerous initiatives devoted to this critical issue.

This week, two individuals who have played important roles in cancer research and advocacy teamed up to call for collective national action to narrow cancer health disparities. In an article published in The Hill, Kathy Giusti and John Carpten, PhD, FAACR, wrote that disparities could be addressed by several common-sense strategies, including diversifying clinical trials, making trials more streamlined and therefore more accessible, and enlisting support from industry and government stakeholders.

“The COVID vaccine’s development proved how much can be achieved when Congress, local government, industry, and academia work together. That same collective urgency and action should define the fight to close cancer gaps,” Giusti and Carpten wrote.

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