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Multiple myeloma will not be cured in a vacuum.
Finding a cure depends on everyone in the myeloma community — researchers, industry, clinicians, and patients. That is why the MMRF established the MMRF CoMMunity Gateway, where patients can go online and share their journey as active participants in our search for better, more targeted treatments. Our future hope is these same patients, as they eventually have their genomes sequenced and learn which, if any, mutations they have, can connect with other patients like them, engage with researchers who specialize in that particular area of genomics, and sign up for clinical trials that might be right for them.

Deepening our insight into myeloma
Key features of the MMRF CoMMunity Gateway include the ability to collect and store health and treatment information, and the ability to find, connect, and share information with other patients.

  • the ability to track treatment progress
  • the ability to connect and share information with other patients
  • groups based on common molecular profiles, myeloma status, and symptoms that are moderated by myeloma experts and nurses
  • news and information about treatments
  • information on clinical trials
  • information on finding myeloma treatment centers

MMRF CoMMunity Gateway myeloma expert panel:
Leif Bergsagel, M.D., Mayo Clinic, Arizona
Ajai Chari, M.D., Mount Sinai Hospital
Hearn Cho, M.D., Mount Sinai Hospital
Craig Hofmeister, M.D., Ohio State University
Andrzei Jakubowiak, M.D., University of Chicago
Amrita Krishnan, M.D., City of Hope
Shaji Kumar, M.D., Mayo Clinic, Minnesota
Sagar Lonial, M.D., Emory Winship Cancer Institute
Anuj Mahindra, M.D., UCSF Medical Center
Tom Martin, M.D., UCSF Medical Center
Ann McNeill, RN, MSN, APN, John T. Theurer Cancer Center
Joseph Mikhael, M.D., Mayo Clinic, Arizona
Keith Stewart, M.D., Mayo Clinic, Arizona
Ravi Vij, M.D., Washington University School of Medicine

We thank our pharmaceutical partners who help us support the MMRF CoMMunity Gateway