MMRF Founders

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) was founded in 1998 by identical twin sisters Kathy Giusti and Karen Andrews soon after Kathy was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. With limited research funding, no effective treatments, and few clinical trials in the pipeline, the life expectancy of the rare and fatal cancer was only 3 years.

Though there was little hope for patients at the time, Kathy was determined to beat the odds and help raise her 1-year-old daughter, Nicole. She enlisted Karen’s help to form a research foundation that could overcome the challenges slowing the development of new treatments and improve the outlook for patients with multiple myeloma.

Kathy and Karen had the business acumen needed to start what would become one of today’s most respected and innovative research foundations. Kathy, a graduate of Harvard Business School, had a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Karen was a corporate attorney. Together, they founded the MMRF with the same business principles — speed, innovation, and results — they embraced at the Fortune 500 companies where they had risen through the ranks.

Today, Kathy’s role as Chief Mission Officer is to ensure the MMRF remains laser-focused on our mission — to accelerate a cure for all patients — and invest every dollar wisely to achieve our goals. As science and technology advance, Kathy ensures that our strategic plans take full advantage of new opportunities in the field, as well as address barriers standing in the way of progress, so that we deliver the best outcomes possible for patients.   

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