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Collaborative Models Built on Partnership and Integration

The MMRF has forged a courageous and dynamic approach to the methodology of cancer research. By overcoming previous pitfalls that held the industry back, the MMRF has propelled the frontier of multiple myeloma research to a new level. Essential to this approach are 4 groundbreaking initiatives that have revolutionized the way research and drug development are conducted. With these models, the MMRF can dramatically accelerate the pace at which lifesaving and new life-altering drugs can be brought to patients.

Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium (MMRC)

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MMRC Tissue Bank

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Multiple Myeloma Genomics Initiative (MMGI)

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Multiple Myeloma Personalized Medicine Initiative

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Resolute in the mission to help as many patients as possible, the MMRF has shared these models with many research organizations, opening the door to great leaps in innovation to advance treatment for a multitude of cancers and other life-altering diseases.

The table below shows how our collaborative techniques have helped confront and solve specific challenges to yield significant results and new innovations in patient care.