The MMRC and its team of Principal Investigators are committed to excellence in multiple myeloma research. With lives on the line, everything we do focuses on accelerating discovery and rapidly advancing medicine.

Clinical Trials

The MMRC has conducted nearly 100 Phase I and II trials enrolling more than 1,700 patients to-date, providing invaluable insight into the successful conduct of multiple myeloma clinical trials.

The major differentiating factors in working with MMRC for the conduct of Phase I and II trials in multiple myeloma are:

  • Streamlined communication—single point of contact who can leverage MMRC’s extensive MM Phase I/II clinical trial experience
  • MMRC is a recognized MM center of excellence for Phase I/II trials with focus on quality of trial conduct and data integrity, including renowned MM Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)
  • Leveraging a patient-driven collaborative research model that demonstrates faster trial starts and enrollment for MM Phase I/II trials

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