The MMRF Researcher Gateway℠

Rich data, accessible to all
The MMRF Researcher Gateway is a revolutionary patient information ecosystem designed to make key genomic and clinical data (from the Multiple Myeloma Genomics Initiative and MMRF CoMMpass Study℠) accessible to all scientists and clinicians. Researchers worldwide can utilize the data to form new hypotheses that drive discoveries in multiple myeloma.

What’s in the database
The Researcher Gateway provides a breadth of clinical and molecular data from the the MMRF CoMMpass Study never before captured for myeloma, including:

    • baseline and sequential bone marrow and blood samples
    • correlating clinical data
    • treatments and responses
    • quality of life data
    • extensive molecular profiling (cytogenetics, immunophenotyping, WGS, WES and RNA sequencing)

The goal
By centralizing and sharing the data, and by providing valuable software tools, we aim to accelerate discovery of new targets, pathways and biomarkers that will help personalize the treatments for myeloma patients.