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Clinical trials are critically important in order to develop new myeloma treatments and better understand the biology of the disease. The more people who enroll, the faster we can find answers.

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Patients who enroll in clinical trials have the opportunity to be among the first to receive the newest drugs or drug combinations in development and receive close monitoring.

All clinical trial participants receive the experimental therapy being tested or the best available standard treatment. However, it is important to understand that new treatments may be equivalent to, more effective than, or not as effective as standard treatment options. They may also have unexpected side effects.

Clinical trials take place at cancer centers, hospitals, clinics, or doctors’ offices. You can withdraw from a clinical trial at any time.

Phases of clinical trials

  • Phase I determines safety and dosage, as well as how the drug is absorbed and acts in the body.
  • Phase II evaluates effectiveness and safety.
  • Phase III compares effectiveness and safety with standard treatment.

Interested in participating in clinical trials? Talk to an MMRF Patient Navigator to learn more or use our clinical trials finder:

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