MMRF Convenes Top Minds in Cancer at Immune Therapy Summit in Boston

Held in Boston, Massachusetts, the MMRF Accelerating the Next Generation of Immune Treatments in Cancer Summit convened top experts from oncology, academia, foundations and the FDA in order to exchange knowledge and insights in immuno-oncology. The group worked to identify key areas of opportunity to advance the field via innovative models, not only in myeloma but across all cancers.

Hosted by the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and co-chaired by Rick Klausner (Juno Therapeutics) and Ivan Borrello (Johns Hopkins Medicine), this summit was a strong step towards building bridges and fostering the collaborative process in immuno-oncology. Borrello described the gathering of minds as “a rare meeting where people from all aspects of immune therapy [are] brought together with potential for cross-pollination.”

All parties recognize the excitement and promise of immune treatments and embrace the need to form new collaborations and ways to bring new immuno-oncology treatments forward. The creation and implementation of new, innovative models like the MMRF precision medicine model are vital to overcoming current challenges and growing progress for patients across all cancers.

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