New Clinical Trial Data at IMW 2017

It’s the final day of IMW 2017, and organizers saved the best for last! Some new and exciting clinical trial data was announced:

  • A phase 3 trial of denosumab (monoclonal antibody against RANK-L , that is used to treat bone disease) in newly diagnosed MM patients showed an increase of 10 months in progression free survival (time before the myeloma comes back) compared to Zometa (zoledronic acid), which many MM patients receive monthly – or sometimes less frequently – for a year or more at diagnosis or any time in their disease course , with a decrease in renal (kidney-related) toxicity
  • In the ENDEAVOR trial, which compared Kyprolis/Dex (KD) to Velcade/Dex (VD) for relapsed patients, new overall survival data showed an additional increase in overall survival (OS) favoring KD.
  • In a study with venetoclax, patients with t(11:14) showed a better overall response rate than patients without t(11:14) (40% vs 6%); these data were also presented at the Annual ASH Meeting in December. The overall response rate (ORR) was even higher in t(11:14) patients who overexpressed BCL2 (ORR up to 88%). The MMRC has opened two trials of venetoclax (alone and in combination with Velcade-dex and saw similar results where the t(11;14) patients had a significantly higher response rate). New trials of venetoclax in combination with Velcade-dex and other combinations are planned, and the MMRF and MMRC continue to champion the use of venetoclax for this subset of patients.

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