MMRF Recognizes Two Outstanding Organizations at 58th ASH Annual Meeting

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) announced at the 58th ASH Annual Meeting the recipients of its awards for outstanding acceleration, innovation and collaboration to advance the research and development of novel therapies for multiple myeloma. Each year, the MMRF recognizes the exceptional work of its partners from industry and academia who have played a critical role toward fulfilling the mission of the MMRF: to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of patients and lead to a cure. For the year of 2016, the MMRF recognized:

2016 MMRF Collaborator Award – University of Michigan

The MMRF Collaborator Award recognizes a pharma or biotech company for its outstanding commitment to collaboration as a means to advance the research and development of more effective treatments for patients with multiple myeloma.


2016 MMRF Accelerator Award – Mount Sinai

The MMRF Accelerator Award recognizes an MMRC team for their outstanding efforts and exceptional contributions to the rapid initiation and completion of clinical trials supported through the MMRC as well as leadership in the consortium.


0 thoughts on “MMRF Recognizes Two Outstanding Organizations at 58th ASH Annual Meeting

  1. Well done the MMRF and those who partake.
    (Carer for a MM patient now on cycle 61 of Lenelidomide followinr preliminaries including rejection of a stem sell transfer as she was too ill to take part) Keep up the good work you with Dr Nigel O’Connor MBE our consultant and his team are part of our lifeline. Thank you all
    Colin ( &Margaret of course)

  2. Why has the MMRS not looked at the work of Dr. Stephen Russell at The Mayo Clinic in MN? He has had success using the measles virus to cure multiple myeloma. He has discovered in over 200 studies how viruses can kill the cancer and over stimulate the immune system. Please look at his work.

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