Share Your Data

How can my data help myself and others?

Myeloma is different from case to case. We need as many unique cases as possible to paint the big picture. That’s why you are so important. Your unique case could unlock answers to the cure for you and others with a similar diagnosis.

To gain insight into the broad spectrum of myeloma cases we are looking for clinical, immune and genomic data. If you are a patient, the MMRF will work with you and your medical team to acquire any and all information you are willing to share. To share your genomic data, the MMRF will help you get your genome sequenced.

Why should I get my genome sequenced?

When patients share their genomic data, they contribute to a growing bank of highly valuable information. Researchers can use the data to identify what types of treatments may work best for other patients who have your specific type of myeloma. They provide you and others like you information necessary to make the right decision at the right time. The more people share the more we learn. The more we learn, the more people we can help. This is the path to a cure and it starts and ends with you.

What are the benefits of getting my genome sequenced?

  • Know your specific type of cancer
  • Get more targeted diagnosis
  • Receive specialized treatment
  • Analyze similar cases of myeloma
  • Build critical data bank
  • Help others understand their situation